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Obesity- "Loose Weight Gain Health"

Weight loss is a major industry in the United States. It is an obsession for millions of people. As many as 40 percent of the women and 24 percent of the men in the United States are trying to lose weight at any given time. There are books upon books on methods to lose weight. There are diets upon diets, pills upon pills, plans upon plans, drinks upon drinks, and exercise programs by the virtual hundreds of thousands - all blaring away at you to lose weight and develop the dream body you have always wanted.

So what can we add to all this that has not already been said somewhere by someone? It's difficult, it's very difficult. On the other hand, there are many things we can say for sure. So now let's put a fresh spin on the common sense of losing weight.

Many different diets and fads have come and gone and many more will come and go. For the majority of us the only sensible way to lose weight is PROPER DIET, REGULAR EXERCISES, and a FIRM COMMITMENT. Oprah Winfrey is no exception. In June 1992, she reached a life time high of 237 lbs. Just four years earlier, she’d slimmed down to 142 lbs. on Optifast diet only to gain back the lost weight - and more. Somewhere along the way she tried virtually every diet-of-the moment, all with the same result. She would lose weight, gain it back - and wind up feeling guilty and weak. That changed in 1992. Until then, Oprah worried about what her eating habits; food was the solace she turned to whenever she felt anxious or insecure. Now she wonders, why is she eating? Is she really hungry?


There are 7 possible causes of weight gain:

1. Problems with food consumption

  • Over-consumption

  • Consumption of improper food

  • Poor Digestion

2. Slow or Under Active Metabolism

3. Poor Elimination of Waste products (e.g. chronic constipation)

4. Inadequate Exercise

5. Water Retention

6. Medical conditions such as Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, etc.

7. Hereditary


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