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Chronic Back Pain

Chronic joint and back pain continues to be a serious issue for millions of Americans. Any pain is discomforting and difficult to live with. When daily pain is affects your mobility and day to day activity, it becomes a major problem.

​Our office sees many patients who are looking for an alternative to surgery and a lifetime of painkillers. Most patients we see in our practice visit us because they have already been given the surgical ultimatum – live with the pain or get the surgery.

Today, new treatments and advances in PRP Injection Therapy are giving new hope to people suffering from osteoarthritis, chronic pain, or even sports related injuries. PRP Injection Therapy is a natural and cost-effective alternative to surgery—designed to rebuild cartilage, repair torn meniscus and ligaments, and reduce swelling and pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) u

ses your own blood as a healing solution. PRP is considered a non-surgical curative treatment; it heals the injury rather than just suppressing the pain.

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