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Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone into the body.

Ozone therapy is a medical treatment whereby ozone is introduced into the human body. Ozone is O3, whereas the oxygen we breathe is O2. Ozone has been used successfully around the world for over 80 years to treat a broad range of different illnesses. Despite this, the FDA currently lists ozone therapy as investigational/experimental.

Oxygen is essential to life – you would die if your cells did not receive oxygen for 3 minutes. For Anti Aging it is critical to raise the amount of oxygen in your blood and in your cells. Ozone therapy is one of the most powerful ways to not only drastically and rapidly flood your body with extra oxygen, and not only that, ozone itself has also incredible healing powers that have been well documented for centuries.

If used correctly, ozone acts like a "wonder drug" that has the potential to revolutionize medicine and anti aging.


You too can now benefit from the dramatic health boosting effects of ozone therapy, by firstly understanding exactly what ozone is, and how it can be used as a medical therapy for health and healing.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

  • Promotes metabolism.

  • Detox the body.

  • Reduce chances of development and spreading of cancer.

  • Stimulates the immune system.

  • Purifies the blood and lymph system.

  • Reduce chances of shock and stroke.

  • Prevents/reverses degenerative diseases.

  • Eliminates auto-immune diseases.

History behind Ozone Therapy

The first use of ozone intravenously was done in the 1940s and its development is credited to Dr. H. Wolff. It is the most common ozone treatment today and is used by thousands of physicians worldwide in countries like Germany, Poland, Egypt, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, England, Canada, Russia, India, Eastern Europe, Cuba and Mexico.

How does Medical Ozone Therapy work?

Ozone is an allopathic form of oxygen – it is O3 instead of O2. It is like a "super-charged" form of oxygen. It is normally present in the atmosphere as the ozone layer, which acts to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer known to man as it powerfully neutralizes free radicals or positively charged particles. It is very unstable and it is this property that makes it so very powerful. The extra oxygen molecule wants to leave and to attach itself to something else. When it leaves, pure oxygen, or O2 remains, which then leads to much more oxygen in your body. But since the single oxygen molecule is negatively charged it wants to attach to any positively charged molecule. And all of the viruses, bacteria, parasites etc that cause disease in man are positively charged, so by flooding the body with ozone this extra oxygen molecule acts to neutralize all of these disease causing pathogens.

Research shows that Ozone has highly pronounced anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Ozone's ability to stimulate circulation is beneficial in the treatment of various circulatory disorders and makes it valuable in revitalizing organic functions. Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. This unique property makes the therapy effective in both over and under active immune systems. Ozone also activates the body's own antioxidant systems and free radical scavengers by stimulating glutathione and superoxide dismutase and is thus useful in diseases that involve chronic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Summary of Ozone therapy benefits:

Ozone therapy is a medical therapy administered by a doctor that has been trained to give ozone treatment. Medical ozone treatment has powerful disease reversing and anti-aging benefits when used correctly. An ozone generator is used to generate the ozone gas from pure medical grade oxygen. This ozone machine or medical ozone generator generates a precise concentration of ozone gas (usually no more than 5%) which is then used as part of the oxygen ozone treatment session.

  • Increases oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs

  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body

  • Detoxification

  • Activates and modulates the immune system

  • Accelerates wound healing


Indications for treatment:

  • Circulatory disorders (atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease (PAD), neuropathy)

  • Autoimmune disease (Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

  • Viral disease (Herpes, Hepatitis, EBV, CMV, Influenza, etc.)

  • Treatment of poorly healing wounds and inflammatory processes

  • Complementary therapy to cancer

  • General fatigue, revitalization and anti-aging

  • Diseases of the eye

  • Intestinal disease (Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis)

  • Inflammatory and degenerative Joints

  • Detoxification

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