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Chino Hills, Ca

Dr shah is one of the best doctors I've dealt with.  He is always making sure his patients have the answers they are looking for & feeling better.  One of the first things he asks is how are you feeling and genuinely wants to know.  His patients usually don't see him for cough & cold symptoms.  He has very difficult cases and they end up being patients for 10 years +.  He finds answers!  Everyone loves DR. Shah :) his staff is great as well.  If he's unavailable, they will do their best to help his patients out.

Laura A.

San Diego, Ca

Took my teen daughter here after her primary doctor told her she is fine, after gaining 35 pounds. This doctor was very thorough and explained everything to her. Her levels were very low. I like that treat with regular meds plus natural remedies.

Mohammed D.

Diamond Bar CA

I am a firm believer of Dr. Shah's alternative treatments. It has been life changing for me as well as for other family members of mine that I have HIGHLY suggested to come here for health issues that their doctors can't seem to fully treat. I too, have always been a firm believer in eastern medicine & what it stands for. Thank you Doctor.

Deane P.

San Gabriel, CA

Dr. Shah has been very kind and understanding, he is very considerate, oversees your thyroid problems and helpful to all his patients. It looks like he is very passionate in his work and goes out of his way to take care of his patient. On the plus side, Lindsey (front desk) is very kind, engaging, interactive and entertaining. I wish all front desk employees are as welcoming as she is.

George D.

Los Angeles

I've been going from doctor to doctor, and none of them helped, until I met Dr. Shah. He immediately was able to diagnose my condition and gave me supplements as well as medication to take. About a month later I am a whole new person, it's amazing. My condition continues to improve and I look forward to a healthy and vital future thank to this doctor.


Redland, CA

Went to Dr Shah after a friend recommended him for thyroid issues. After years of fighting my health insurance I'd given up & figured there was not hope for me. Dr Shah took the time to actually go over every single detail, ordered the correct tests I needed and has helped tremendously. I really appreciate how he will answer any and every question you have and will explain in detail about everything. Once you have him in office with you, you have his full and complete attention. The initial appointment is expensive, but when you factor in FINALLY getting the answers you need & care provided, it's well worth it. 

Mrs. Nathly


I have to travel over 60 miles round trip to see this physician but I must say it is always worth my time. When it is very busy I have had to wait a long time for my treatment to get started but usually it's not so bad and even if it is a long wait he takes his time and addresses your concerns once he sees you. He doesn't try to rush through your appointment. I have my own PHR and took it with me so he could make copies, he actually went through it and took notes on several pages I brought in, most doctors dont do that. Very impressed that he'd be willing to do that. 

Jiyoun K.s

Buena Park, CA

Dr. Shah is amazing; my former endocrinologist and many other doctors I have been to were so ignorant and didn't understand my thyroid issues. They always got mad at me and one even told me if I keep being lazy and eating horribly, there's nothing I can do about being tired and chubby. I was exercising and eating a decent diet, but my old endocrinologist didn't believe me.  The first time I met Dr. Shah, he spent 1.5 hours with me and ordered a lot more blood tests than most doctors are willing to do or understand. He also discussed other hormone issues that I may be having and ordered tests for those too. EVERYTHING he suspected and that no other doctor ever told me about were confirmed through the blood tests. We found that I am iodine deficient, that my body doesn't properly convert T4 so I should be on T3, that I am hypoglycemic, that I have adrenal fatigue, and that I have estrogen deficiency. No wonder I've felt so bad for the past 7-10 years! YEARS have been wasted where I've felt horrible because other doctors are the opposite of Dr. Shah. He's very kind, professional, and thorough. He doesn't rush you out of his office within 15 minutes and try to nickel and dime you. As for any supplements he may recommend, get them from him the first time around and then buy them online. He doesn't mind - he just wants you to get well. I've been on the correct medication and taking the supplements he recommended for nearly 3 months and I feel a gazillion times better. I am still working with Dr. Shah on losing weight to get rid of the excess that having such a low metabolism due to thyroid disease and other hormonal imbalances has caused. In fact, I will be seeing him tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it, as opposed to my bunk endocrinologists in the past. If you are suffering from what you suspect is underactive thyroid or any other ailment that others haven't been able to fix, go to Dr. Shah. He's amazing. The day he retires is the day I'll go into a panic attack!

Angie A

Rowland Heights, CA

The office staff are really nice and inviting. The wait time was normal, about 20 minutes to see the doctor. I have had hypothyroidism my entire life and have seen many doctors regulating my thyroid dosage. After my pregnancy I really wanted to see a doctor who specializes in thyroid and I found this office through Yelp! What I like so much about Dr.Shah is the fact that he ordered more blood tests than my previous doctors, when the results came back a week later he explained thoroughly to me what each test is for and what the results meant- he introduced me to Iodine Solution and Selenium 200mcg to take everyday along with my thyroid levothyroxine medicine. I feel so much more energized and my mood has improved! My previous mood after having my baby was feeling lethargic and low energy, my intuition was my thyroid being a variable being that I exercise  and have a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate Dr.Shah's work ethic and I highly recommend for anyone who has to pay special attention to their thyroid to come here!

Angel V

Cerrrotos, CA

I have been coming here for a little more than a year now.  I 1st came here out of total frustration from going to my Primary Care Physician.  Long story short, I felt like I was becoming a different person without any real reason.  After being rejected and lied to at my regular doctors office, I came here based on a referral.  In short, Dr. Shah has saved my sanity and is saving my health and body.  There were a slew of tests I asked my regular doctor to run based on symptoms I was having and she flat our refused and even lied to me about 1 test not existing at all.  When I 1st arrived at Dr. Shah's office I filled out such an extensive questionnaire, I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe any medical facility or physician actually cared THAT much but Dr. Shah and his staff did and does til this day.  I have gone through such an amazing and healthy journey with the guidance of Dr. Shah in dealing with my multiple medical issues.  Issues I would have never had a clue about.  I am truly blessed and a better person for coming here.  Again, he has saved me with pure knowledge and respect.  If I have any question, ridiculous as it may seem, Dr. Shah will answer it.  If I request a test out of pure desire or question, he will discuss the test and what to look for, what the test is used for and how to read the results and he will write a prescription for the test.  His ego as a medical professional is non-existent.

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