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Chronic Back Pain

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Medical Ozone Therapy

Chronic joint and back pain continues to be a serious issue for millions of Americans. Any pain is discomforting and difficult to live with. When daily pain is affects your mobility and day to day activity, it becomes a major problem.

Our office sees many patients who are looking for an alternative to surgery and a lifetime of painkillers. Most patients we see in our practice visit us because they have already been given the surgical ultimatum – live with the pain or get the surgery.

Today, new treatments and advances in PRP Injection Therapy are giving new hope to people suffering from osteoarthritis, chronic pain, or even sports related injuries. PRP Injection Therapy is a natural and cost-effective alternative to surgery designed to rebuild cartilage, repair torn meniscus and ligaments, and reduce swelling and pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) uses your own blood as a healing solution. PRP is considered a non-surgical curative treatment; it heals the injury rather than just suppressing the pain.

PRP use in tendon and ligament injuries has several potential advantages including; faster recovery and, possibly, a reduction in recurrence, with no adverse reactions described. Safety and efficacy of PRP injections for pain relief and improved function in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee is well documented.

How PRP repairs damaged ligaments, tendons, and cartilage:

Our blood is composed of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. These platelets are the injury’s “first-responders” which help to revascularize an injured area, construct new tissue, and stop the bleeding. PRP injections deliver a high concentration of endogenous (your own) platelets to an area of injury.

Because platelets play a significant role in the healing of tissue, reintroducing a high concentration of platelets directly into the injured area may enhance the healing process.

The physiological effects include:

• Increase tissue regeneration (tendon, ligament, soft tissue)
• Decrease inflammation
• Decrease pain
• Increase collagen (base component of connective tissue)
• Increase bone density
• Increase angiogenesis (development of new blood cells)

PRP strengthens and restores joints, while reducing or eliminating many different types of pain. PRP can be effective in rebuilding ligaments, tendons, articular cartilage, and meniscus for you if you have been given a diagnosis of:

• Osteoarthritis,
• Meniscal tears,
• articular cartilage lesions and tears,
• ACL, PCL, MCL damage,
• Chondromalacia, Runner’s,
• Jumper’s, or Swimmer’s knee, or if you suffer from failed knee surgery or pain after knee replacement.

PRP and Shoulder Pain:  PRP is also very effective in rebuilding ligaments, rotator cuff tendons and  articular cartilage, if you have been given a diagnosis of:
• Shoulder bursitis,
• Impingement Syndrome,
• Osteoarthritis,
• Cartilage tears or lesions,
• Tendonosis or tendonitis,
• Failed shoulder surgery, and other soft tissue pathologies.

PRP reduces Hip Pain by rebuilding the pelvic ligaments and tendons and addressing bone on bone by cartilage.                    PRP can be effective for you if you have been given a diagnosis of:

• Osteoarthritis,
• Cartilage tears or lesions,
• snapping hip syndrome,
• failed hip surgery and other soft tissue pathologies.


Medical Ozone Therapy


Ozone stimulates cartilage growth factors, reduces inflammation and cartilage damage, and provides oxygen into an oxygen starved space for cells to repair. Ozone can kill any bacteria, virus, or fungi present in the joints. Beneficial effects of ozone not only reduce pain but also favor the recovery of joint function and motion lost during the painful phase.

Ozone was first successfully used for the treatment of Back and Sciatic pain. It has also been used to treat herniated discs. I have introduced this method as an alternative to surgery in the treatment of chronic joint pain such as knee, shoulder and hip; as well as, neck and back pain due to muscle spasms or disc injury.

Thanks to their synergistic benefits, ease of execution and non-invasiveness, Ozone therapy combined with PRP, permits the successful ‘non surgical, outpatient’ treatment of chronic joint and back pain and can even help replace surgery.

Benefits of Ozone

Ozone stimulates cartilage growth factors, reduces inflammatory chemicals which reduces cartilage damage and provides oxygen into an oxygen starved space for cells to repair. Ozone can kill any and bacteria, viruses, or fungi present in joints. Ozone also oxidizes and neutralizes all the necrotic remains and debris in joints. It’s an anti-inflammatory and suppresses pathways leading to inflammation. It improves circulation and oxygenation.

Beneficial effects of ozone not only reduces pain but also favors the recovery of joint function and motion lost during the painful phase.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is an advanced treatment physicians have used to help repair damaged or injured joints and spine. It is a form of regenerative medicine utilizing your own blood; blood contains components called platelets. Platelets contain growth factors. Growth factors activate and stimulate cellular regeneration in the body. Platelet Rich Plasma has gained national media attention recently due to recognition in efficacy by members of the NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL and MLS. The treatment is quick, minimally invasive and essentially painless. PRP harnesses the body’s own natural healing abilities without surgery or drugs.

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